Investment Casting

Precision foundry: precision and longevity

We are specialized in investment casting. This up-to-date metal forming method allows us to create complex and dimensionally accurate objects. Here’s how it works:

Wax Pattern Creation:
We begin by crafting a wax pattern using an aluminum or steel mold. This pattern mirrors the desired shape of the final part.

Ceramic Shell Formation:
The wax pattern is enveloped by a ceramic shell. This shell serves as a new mold after the wax is removed.

Molten Steel Pouring:
Molten steel is poured into the ceramic shell in high-quality near-net-shape components.

Materials and Capabilities:

We used different steel materials like stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel.
Our manufacturing covers a huge range of size from a few grams to 30 kg, with component dimensions up to 500mm x 500mm x 500mm.
Reports provided include material chemical composition, dimension measurements, and hardness testing.

Advantages of Investment Casting:

Cost-Effective: Low tool costs allow for small orders and personalized customization.
Complex Shapes: Easily cast intricate designs, optimizing solutions for complex geometries.
Surface Finish: Excellent surface finish and high dimensional accuracy reduce or eliminate the need for additional machining.
Fine Details: Reproduce fine textures, characters, letters, slots, and holes accurately.

Explore the world of investment casting with us at Steel Precision Cast. Our expertise ensures precision, durability, and exceptional results!

Advantage Of This Process:

A. Very low device cost permits small buy and customized customization

2. Complex shape & dimension can be easily casted, helps optimizing the solution for complex style, saving moment and money.

3. Excellent surface accomplishment and high dimensional accuracy provide products a near inter net shape wherein machining is either totally eliminated or reduced to a minimum.

4. Accurate reproduction of fine details e. G. Beautiful textures, characters, letters and slots, holes is achieved.

5. possible to produce a really wide range of products across different industries.

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